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We advise all our customers that, while waiting to return to Bagnoregio, located in Mercatello, where we are temporarily closed, we will continue to provide our services at the Hostaria del Ponte da Lorena restaurant, located in Lubriano, Piazza San Giovanni Battista 1, in the wonderful setting of the Monaldeschi Palace, an eighteenth-century building included in the Historical Registry of Italy, overlooking the town of Civita of Bagnoregio.

In Lubriano, in the setting of the Monaldeschi Palace, the Hostaria del Ponte restaurant offers magical moments, ancient flavours and fragrances to enjoy. Intense aromas of a sweet and luxuriant nature, visions almost spectral… magical… and crepuscular, and then wandering aimlessly in Civita’s fairy-tale “Dying City,” an architectural jewel, with its houses erected on the emptiness, sun-drenched with its tuffs gilded by the sun and oneiric like an island that emerges from the clouds.
From Lubriano, a country defined as “the most beautiful terrace on Civita of Bagnoregio,” the view spreads from Bagnoregio to Civitella d’Agliano in a succession of clay ridges, eroded and fluctuating like lunar gashes, in which the Civita cliff overlooks.

“The fairy-tale of the dying city; the city that stays attached to life in between a lunar chorus of silence and beautiful gullies…”.
A fairy-tale that still lasts and can live in the atmosphere that you breathe upon arriving at the Hostaria del Ponte, from which you can face the fading landscape of the gullies that invade the tufaceous hill upon which the Civita of Bagnoregio is located.

The Hostaria del Ponte welcomes its guests in the restaurant hall, set inside the Monaldeschi Palace and, weather permitting, in the courtyard and in the garden by the swimming pool. For ceremonies and events, we will be happy to welcome our guests in the beautiful Palace halls.
The restaurant offers a simple cuisine, where you can discover the taste of the tradition of Viterbo: piciarelli, wild boar, truffles, porcini mushrooms, presented in a rich and colourful sequence of typical dishes. And for ceremonies, the Hostaria del Ponte is at the customer’s disposal to serve the dishes they wish.

Ancient fragrances and genuine flavours enhanced by the fine and unique quality of the wines coming from local farms such as the famous “Est! Est!! Est!!!” from Montefiascone or the classical “Orvieto,” as well as the main national wines.


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